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Uganda: Pseudostixis flavifrons

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Printed on: 15/10/2018


Topic author: Vitali
Subject: Uganda: Pseudostixis flavifrons
Posted on: 04/01/2015 23:11:49

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Uganda, 11 mm.
From a Malaise trap.


Reply author: Jérôme Sudre
Replied on: 05/01/2015 20:34:43

Regardez du côté de Pseudostixis flavifrons ? Ou peut être P kivuensis ?

Reply author: Vitali
Replied on: 05/01/2015 21:18:51

Thank you. The beetle corresponds to the original description of Pseudostixis flavifrons: the forehead is covered with fine yellow pubescence (see the species name), pronotum is almost without punctures (still a few larger points are found in marginal parts), the third antennal segment is very long.

I would vote for Pseudostixis flavifrons, although I did not see the description of P. kivuensis yet. I don't have this paper.

Reply author: Xavier
Replied on: 05/01/2015 21:38:38

Pseudostixis flavifrons (Aurivillius, 1914) to complete.

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