At the MusÚum d'Histoire Naturelle du Luxembourg (2008-2009)
- Sorting, determination and reorganization of the worldwideColeoptera Cerambycoidea collection

At the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale G. Doria, Genoa (1996-2004)
- Sorting, determination and reorganization of the Palaearctic and American Coleoptera Cerambycoidea collection;
- Restoration of the worldwide Coleoptera Curculionoidea Solari-Jekel's collection;
- Reorganization of the worldwide Coleoptera Cerylonidae and Bothrideridae collection;
- Reorganization of the Palaearctic Coleoptera Dasytidae and Ptinidae collection;
- Sorting, determination and reorganization of the Palaearctic Diptera collection;
- Reorganization of the worldwide Diptera Syrphidae collection;
- Sorting and reorganization of the worldwide Hymenoptera Calcidoidea collection;
- Sorting at family-level of many worldwide Coleoptera.

At Milan University, Vegetal Production Dept. (2002-2003)
Study about the Invertebrate Fauna of 11 Lumbard Municipalities (Busto Garolfo, Caravate, Castiglione d'Adda, Lentate sul Seveso, S. Daniele Po, Stagno Lombardo, S. Rocco al Porto, Malnate, Pieve d'Olmi, Varzi, Vimercate), in order to propose their insertion inside the Regional Parks.

At Urban Fauna Management, Genoa Municipality (2001-2002)
- Study of biological competitors of the Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus Sk.) inside the Monumental Cemetery Staglieno;
- Pilot-project for the biological fight against the Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus Sk.) through employment of Crustaceans Copepods

For the Office of assessments and technical consulting K. Spolidoro S.A.S., Genoa (since 2004)
- Duties of analyze of entomological specimens related to the international trade.

At the Office architect G. Stagno, Genoa
- Determination of the concrete decay through physical-chemical testing on field and in laboratory (1998-2000).
- Determination of wood species, wood decay and xylophagous insects in restoration tasks of building woods and of artistic manufactories
(1997-2007). Many tasks: Cathedral St. Lorenzo, Genoa; Christopher Columbus House, Genoa; Nostra Signora della Guardia, Ceranesi; many churches, historical villas and theatres in Liguria, Piedmont and Lumbardy; Statue of Maria Immaculate (XVII sec.), Church S. Rocco, Genoa; Statue of Christ Dying (XVII sec.), Church S. Luca, Genoa.




Voluntary collaborations

The National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (2005)
- Determination and reorganization of the Palaearctic Coleoptera Vesperidae;
- Determination and reorganization of some groups of Australasian (gen. Olethrius, Neocerambyx, Mallambyx, Massicus, Trirachys, Aeolesthes, Pseudaeolesthes) and American Coleoptera Cerambycidae (gen. Eupogonius, Estola, Estoloides).

Genoa University, Faculty of Zoology (1992)
Determination and reorganization of the current Palaearctic collection of Coleoptera.

Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Carmagnola (Turin) (1998-2006)
Determination of Palaearctic and African Coleoptera Cerambycoidea specimens.

Museo di Storia Naturale dell'UniversitÓ, Calci (Pisa) (since 2001)
Determination of Palaearctic Coleoptera Cerambycoidea specimens.



Scientific activity on the Web
Planner and responsible of the site, dedicated to the worldwide Coleoptera Cerambycoidea

Moderator of the entomological section of the Forum of scientific dissemination Natura Mediterraneo, username: vitalfranz

Taxonomic system administrator of the electronic encyclopaedia BioLib, Biological Library, non-commercial project of systematic catalogation of all fossil and living species of the World, username: vitalfranz

Collaborator of the project "Forms of life" of the free encyclopaedia Wikipedia (Italian, French, German, English and Spanish language), username: vitalfranz

Collaborator of the site BugGuide dedicated to the identification of insects and spiders from USA and Canada, username: Francesco Vitali



"Form and colours for the live: the insect through its functional aspects", Pecetto Torinese (Turin), I.1996



Speaker at seminars

"The family Cerambycidae", Genoa University, Zoology, V.1992

"The ultrasounds employing in the analysis of materials: the wood deterioration", Turin Polytechnic, Architecture, V.1998

"The analysis of the wood and of the concrete deterioration ", Turin Polytechnic, Architecture, V.1999

"Between earth and sea, biodiversity in the Cinque Terre National Park. Insects: a park in miniature to be defended and discovered", Conference hall of Torre Guardiola, Riomaggiore (La Spezia); Municipality of Monterosso al Mare (La Spezia), V.2007



Entomological Campaign in foreign Lands
  • Austria, Tyrol; Germany, Bayern, Baden, VII.1987
  • France, Pyrennes; Spain, Pyrennes, Catalunya, VII-VIII.1988
  • France, Maritime Alps VII.1989; Corsica, VII-VIII.1989
  • France, High Provence and Savoy; Switzerland, VIII.1990
  • Austria, Carinthia, Stiria, Austria, Burgenland, VII-VIII.1992
  • Germany, Baden and Rheinland-Pfaltz, VII.1993
  • France, Var, VII.1996
  • France, Var; Spain, Catalunya, Aragona, VI.1998
  • France, Provence, VII.1999
  • Austria, Carinthia, VII.1999
  • French Antilles, Guadeloupe, VI..2000
  • France, High Provence, VII.2000
  • Spain, Catalunya, VIII.2001
  • Northern Spain, VIII.2002
  • Spain, Baleares, VIII.2003
  • Italy, Trentino, VII.2004
  • Romania, Carpathian, VIII.2004
  • USA, Maryland, II.2005
  • Germany, Bayern, VI.2005
  • Romania, Carpathian VI.2005
  • USA, Maryland, X-XI.2005


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